Saturday, July 16, 2011

How fast time flies

Here it is Friday already and I'm wondering where this week went.  I had planned to have my project  finished by today , the first part of the project anyway so I could get started on the main part of the work but one small oversight slowed things down .  The oversight was, in my haste I bought the wrong JB Weld , a compound that I use to hold things I'm building together.

JB Weld is a two part resin/glue that is just great for many things.  JB sets up in 20 minutes .  The mfg. recently added another type that sets up in 4 to 6 hours and that is the one I mistakenly bought.    

I wondered what was wrong , why wouldn't my project set up ?   I finally saw the mistake and had someone pick up the right JB for me  so now I'm back on track.   I guess that old adage of , "haste makes waste", is right.  In this case it was time wasted.   

Marion Springer

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